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Lots of options

Surf, windsurf, kite and SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

There are a lot of schools in the area to provide you with any of these activities.
We recommend you “Pata negra” school; it is located in El Palmar, near from where you are. Check out the website on this link:

Another one we  recommend you is Escuela de surf “El Palmar Surf School" , have a look at the website:


You can do horseback  riding in the area (hills and beaches). The phone number of the owner Carlos is (+34) 656.990.358.

Experts should go to “Montenmedio Golf Country Club” where you can also enjoy a golf course. The place is worth going.


The snorkeling lovers will find all the information on this website:

4x4 Off road

Amateurs of motors would enjoy, check out the website. To tell you the truth, it’s a quite fully detailed here:


Check out this link, quite lots of interesting info here: junta de Andalucía

Apart from that, there is a simple walk from the house to the lighthouse:

Leaving the house you make a left until the main road which you may cross. Right in front of you is a little path that leads you to the beach through the bushes (alternative way of the road). Keep going on the beach on the direction of the lighthouse on your right. You shall take the road up to the lighthouse where you will be delighted of the beautiful view of both beaches from the top. There are signs telling about the history of  the Trafalgar Battle.

I also recommend you doing the “drift route” that goes up until Barbate village.

Whales sighting

I personally love going on this excursion! You will find a great deal of places in Tarifa and it is only 45 min away from here.

One of the websites available If you go to Tarifa do not miss the old part of town. If you are looking for a place to eat “La Mandrágora” is a good restaurant to stop by

Another good spot in Tarifa is “El Mirlo” with a spectacular panorama. It is located in a restricted military area but not worries you can definitely get in!. Calls for booking: (+34) 95.668.5100.

As you can see  “Los Caños de Meca” is not just a beach place, you have a bunch of activities of all interests. No need to specify that mine is the gastronomy!


If your hobby is  Golf you are in the right place. Together with the water activities, the Golf option is coming up strong with the 18 holes course. We are surrounded by “holes”, the main and closest ones are:

Everything at half an hour, “Montenmedio” even closer.

As you can notice, the offer is tremendous and you have much more but these are the nearest.


Vejer de la Frontera.

It is a small cute village painted all in white quite near from Los Caños, it is worth seeing.

I recommend you to do the tour with a guide, you will find the touristic office just entering the village. The fee should be 3 €. You can also do the tour on a touristic tren, especially if you have kids. I personally prefer the visit with a guide and they do it in different languages.

Going on a walk in Vejer is very pleasant, you have plenty of fascinating places. Do not miss “Califa” located in the Plaza de España, you may have a drink in the indoor terrasse, they serve you excellent olives stuffed with red pepper. If you ever want to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner, it is definitely the place you are looking for. The specialty is the Arabic cuisine amongst other meals, the barbecue is really tasty.

A must is “Casa Varo”, next to the church. They have a pretty outdoor terrasse for dinner and the food is just appetizing. My favorite is the tuna tataki.

Do not forget to visit the mills, if you leave the village from the other side of the main entrance; you will find them, if not check it out at the touristic office. They explain to you how the mills used to work in the past, by the time of Don Quijote, I loved it and you may give a donation for them to help maintain the place if you wish. Next to the mills you will be able to do donkey rides, they are fun and kids love them.

Santa Lucía

It is a tiny village and honestly do not have anything special to see. There is a place where they serve you homemade fried potatoes with eggs. It is the first bar you will come across with a nice terrasse and another with a river passing by, very attractive.  They also do typical Spanish dishes from the area.

A bit further up there is the perfect place for meat eaters  “La Castillería”, the meat is just fantastic.



You can rent bicycles  “La Aceitera de Trafalgar”. It is near from here and the bicycles are brand new. They come with a locker and a basket. The fix number is (+34) 95.643.7016 and the cell phone is (+34) 652.790.884; the owner is called Gema.

By the way, you eat quite well at  “La Aceitera”, you can order any type of rice apart from the ones on the menu; tapas are delicious, good value meals.

With a bicycle you go to the beach, you go shopping, you go for a drink, etc.All the places are close to each other and at least you won’t have any parking problem.

For those who are in a good physical condition and like to keep fit, check out this link: