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Virgin Beaches

Surrounded by wonderful beaches

Beaches are the main attraction around. you'll find lots of them arround. They are absolutely incredible.

The nearest one is Faro de Trafalgar, , right just at the end of the street.
It is like a little bay where the water is quiet which makes it the perfect place to go for snorkeling.

My favorite beach is los Caños, it is a peculiar little drift with fresh water pipes. The village was actually named after it as “caños” means pipes in English.

Aceitera and Zahora are just marvelous beaches. Aceitera starts up on the other side of the Trafalgar lighthouse and then it joins Zahora beach that goes up until the end of Zahora village. It is quite long and wide so that’ll be quite easy to put your sun umbrella (parasol) wherever you wish.

Then comes Mangueta beach, my second favorite one because people use to go there with dogs and we have three of them. Last August we went there with our dogs and it was like being on a private beach. There were only few people around plus they were seated a long distance away from us. The only problem I see is the access to the beach unless you go with a 4X4. You can easily reach the beach with a 4x4 or you will have to park your sedan car 10 minutes away by walking.

The next one is Palmarbeach, the same characteristic of Zahora beach, one of a kind! And then would come Conil beach on the list.

On your way to Barbate, you’ll reach Barbate's beach and then Carmen and Hierbabuena beaches. A bit further up you will find yourself in the village of Zahara de los Atunes that also has its own beach. Recently it was elected number 16 most beautiful beach in the world.

While going up to Tarifa, you will get to Bolonia beach, number 11 worldwide ranking. It is awesome! By the shores are the roman ruins and that gives a particular charm. No need to say that Romans were not stupid at all. Valdevaqueros, Punta Paloma and Los Lances are other beaches nearby Tarifa that are also worth knowing.